Another Hollywood Legend Down

If you’ve been following any news lately, or if you have an account on any social media network then you should know about the “Hollywood Purging”. Dozens of celebrities have come forward with their sexual abuse stories against other celebrities. It seems like no one is safe from this purging. The latest notable name we’ve heard of is Sylvester Stallone.

An unnamed teenager came forward to the media and explained that in 1986 she was involved in a situation where Stallone forced her, 16 at the time, to engage in a threesome with he and his bodyguard. This supposedly took place in a Las Vegas Hilton Hotel where he was shooting for a movie at the time.

She also explained that Stallone said that he would “beat her head in” if she mentioned it to anyone, then made a joke about it to his bodyguard. She was tracked down by the police after an employee of the hotel told them about it. When questioned, there were no charges brought up against Stallone because she was “scared” and “humiliated”.

The unnamed teen said that she met him in the elevator of the hotel after David Mendenhall introduced her. She then got an autograph from him where he asked “How she got the build” that she had. She said she “just blushed” after that.

The day after the first encounter, she was given a room key by Stallone’s bodyguard De Luca. Stallone’s publicists didn’t immediately respond to the allegations but soon after denied this.

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