Everlasting Love: Together Again After All These Years?

Burt Reynolds, 79, recently announced that his previous girlfriendĀ Sally Field, 69, is the love of his life and that he is very regretful that they split. They were together for five years after the filming of the hit movie “Smokie and the Bandit”. They were an iconic couple in the 80’s. Through the media, Sally read the news and gave nothing short of a classy response.

She told ‘People Magazine’ that she hadn’t heard of the news yet. She then said anything that she would say, would be to Burt and Burt only.

In a Vanity Fair article, he added that he misses Sally horribly. He then went on to say how all men get the perfect lady and then do anything and everything to screw it up.

Reynolds was the star of many films that we recognize today, however it was partnering up with his then-girlfriend that really took their feet off their ground and into fame.

When it comes to marriages, Burt doesn’t have the greatest track record. When Sally and Burt split, it was a pretty bad split. He then married Loni Anderson, which he divorced in 1993. It turned out to be one of Hollywood’s nastiest splits ever.

Could they be back together after he professed his love? Wonder what the conversation was between Burt and Sally?

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