Friends Of Chevy Chase Worried Over Dramatic Weight Loss

EXCLUSIVE: Chevy Chase appeared on the 'Today' show at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan.

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Friends of the Saturday Night Live legend Chevy Chase have grown concerned over the large amount of weight the comedian has dropped in a matter of months.

As reported by the National Enquirer, those close to Chevy Chase appear to worried about the large amount of weight he has quickly loss. There is speculation that this quick loss is the result of boozing and hard partying by the 74-year old actor. It was only a few months ago that the 6’4″ actor was weighing in at roughly 305 pounds. In a matter of months, however, the “Christmas Vacation” star has appeared to lost as much as 50 pounds, and his weight is continuing to drop.

Those closest to Chase are fearing for the worst, with some believing that he may actually have liver cancer and be in need of a transplant. National Enquirer spoke with internist Stuart Fischer, who had this to say about the actors appearance,

“…undoubtedly suffering liver issues. He also adds that yo-yo dieting is very hard on the body causing issues with cholesterol and blood pressure which puts a strain on the heart.”

Chevy Chase is perhaps best known for his roles in landmark comedy films such as ‘National Lampoon’ and ‘CaddyShack’. He turned 74 in October.

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