Sylvester Stallone’s 10 Best Films

Sylvester Stallone has had a long and profitable career as one of the most visible action stars. Every time it seems as though he is ready to finally slow down, he comes back again with another hit. Let’s take a look at Sylvester Stallone’s top 10 films.

10. Cliffhanger

At the time when Cliffhanger was released in 1993, it seemed inevitable that Sylvester Stallone’s career was on it’s way out. Then Cliffhanger was released. What begins as a film about a mountain climber returning to the spot one of his friends died at, turns into a 100$ million dollar search for a fumbled heist. The film would go on to earn 255$ million.

9. Nighthawks

Nighthawks was released during the period between Rocky II and Rocky III. It is one of the rare occasions we see Stallone sporting a beard! The film finds a skilled New York City police officer at battle with foreign terrorists(led by Billy Dee Williams). It would go on to gross 19$ million worldwide.

8. Cobra

After passing on his chance to play in the comedy Beverly Hills Cop, Stallone got a chance to make a cop movie more in tune with his cinematic sense. Based loosely around the novel Fair Game, Stallone plays a straight forward Los Angeles cop at war with an insidious cult. Released in 1986, it went on to earn $160 million worldwide, quite a considerable profit from its $25 million budget

7. The Lords Of Flatbush

Films set in the 1950’s were all the rage in the 1970’s. ‘The Lords Of Flatbush’ follows 4 greasers around 1958 Brooklyn while they partake in some shenanigans. Stallone’s characters finds himself getting married to his girlfriend after she lies about a pregnancy. Though not as huge a hit as ‘American Graffiti’, it would still go on to be a favorite of the era.

6. Demolition Man

Set in 2032, ‘Demolition Man’ depicts America in a somewhat 1984-like state, where there in no crime, but swearing is illegal, the homeless live underground, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is president. Sylvester Stallone’s character is a cop brought out of suspended animation to stop a blonde haired criminal played by Wesley Snipes. If it sounds like a crazy flick, that’s because it is. Oh, and it earned a cool $160 million.

5. Rocky IV

While perhaps Rocky IV isn’t the best of the Rocky films, it certainly remains one of the most memorable. Dolph Lundgren’s plays the Soviet giant opposite of Stallone in this cold-war epic. The political metaphor’s found in the film are hardly an accident. A great film for any American patriot. Oh and earnings? $300 millions worldwide.

4. Over The Top

Okay, so the plot may be a little silly looking back at this film in 2017, but it is as entertaining today as it was in 1987 when it was released. ‘Over The Top’ follows a truck driver played by Stallone in Las Vegas trying to earn back the respect of his through victory at an intense arm-wrestling competition. The soundtrack provided by Giorgio Moroder allows for an amazing atmosphere. It would only go on to earn $5.1 million.

3. Cop Land

The 1990’s were a rough time for Stallone, after not seeing much success with films such as The SpecialistJudge DreddAssassins and Daylight, studios were understandably hesitant to give Stallone a big budget. Enter ‘Cop Land’, a film with a much smaller budget about a Sheriff in a corrupt New Jersey town. Also in the film are  Harvey Keitel, Ray Liotta, and Robert De Niro. ‘Cop Land’ remains a nice mark for a film that took place at a low point in Sly’s career.

2. First Blood

‘First Blood’ is an 80’s classic for all the right reasons. At the time of it’s release Stallone wasn’t getting much love for his films, but ‘First Blood’ was very hard to hate on. Stallone plays a Vietnam war veteran who goes to war with an entire police department in Washington state. While the acting may have been a bit over the top at time, it did allow for Stallone to display some range as an actor in his depiction of John Rambo. It went on to make a cool $125 million.

1. Rocky

What were you really expecting the #1 film to be? No other film in Stallone illustrious career is as memorable as the 1976 boxing film. Initally, the studio was adamant about having a big-name actor attached to the film(like Robert Redford or James Caan). But Stallone was stubborn and wouldn’t allow for the film to be made without him at the helm. Obviously this bet paid off, as it is easily his most recognizable film, and one of the biggest films of the 1970’s. Off a $1.1 million dollar budget, it would go on to make $225 Million worldwide.


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