Top 5 Casino Gambling Tips

So you’ve finally made you way to a casino, and you want to play the tables with some finesse. Here are our top 5 tips for making the most of your time in a casino.


#1 – Set Your Limits

Knowing you’re limit is one of the most important rules to making sure you don’t end up in a hole. When you’re sitting at a table for a few hours, it can become easy to forget how much money you’ve been playing with. Before sitting down, be sure to set a number for yourself what you’re willing to lose.

Having a time limit can also be an important rule to set for yourself. Set your curfew, and stick to it! When that time comes rolling around, don’t be worried- the casino will be there tomorrow!

It’s important to know your limits with alcohol as well. The casino loves boosting your confidence with drinks in order to get you betting. Be sure to keep track of your drink intake to keep a steady hand.

#2 – Get Your Moneys Worth

Take advantage of any compensations or freebies offered by the casino. If the casino offers players club benefits, make use of them. Check at the desk for any special deals that may be offered that day. You will often find these clubs to have points systems, so find ways to earn and use. More often that not, when you sign up for a players club, you will receive credits for your enrollment, so check that.

While using the slot machines, be sure to read the ‘Info’ screens carefully to know how to obtain the top payout when playing. Make sure to play enough credits to get to the bonus screen, in order to take full advantage of these games.

#3 – Cameras

As gambling is big business, it should come as no surprise that the eye in the sky is everywhere, and always watching! The cameras are there to protect the casino, but in the event you leave a cell phone or chips somewhere, they can be used to hopefully recover your lost items. It is important to note though- if you lose something and the thief makes off with it, the casino will not reimburse you. Be wary of where you leave your personal belongings!

#4 – Know The Game First

While this is a rule that doesn’t seem to be followed often, but if you know the game you are trying to win you will improve you chance of winning at it. If you want to play some blackjack, why not learn the rules and some techniques before wagering your cash in a game? Always keep in mind that bonus bets have a house edge(sometimes 5 times higher), and thus are killers for players. The average blackjack player is playing at a 2% disadvantage to the house, so keep that in mind!

#5 – Don’t Fear The Taxes

While yes, taxes will be levied against you in your winnings, don’t let this bother you. When January comes around, you can ask the casino to provide a win-loss statement. Yes, you’ll have to claim some of your bigger winnings, your other play will offset those wins. You can provide the IRS with a win-loss ledger from the casinos that will provide that offset. With this said, if you happen to win a jackpot, it’s would be wise to stash some of that away so when April 15th comes, you pay the taxman on time.

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